How quickly can you come and do my job?

We aim to complete all jobs as quickly as possible, sometimes this can be done within 1 day depending on our work load, we always aim to start all jobs within a week.

Are you insured against any accidents?

Yes we have full liability insurance that covers us against accidental damage. Despite taking the most care, accidents can happen.

Can I hire just the digger on its own?

No, diggers can be a lethal machine and we only employ fully trained drivers for our vehicles, inexperience can be dangerous with any excavator.

Will you complete my job in one day?

We endeavour to complete as much excavation in one day as possible, unlike some other companies offering digger services, we work for the day as quickly as is safely possible. sometimes we may need extra days. (half day rates are not available)

How Deep can you dig?

Depending on the depth you need to go we can help you choose the right digger for the job, we can go as deep as 2.75 mtrs

How do I pay?

We complete each day with a payment from you, we can accept payment in cash form, cheque or even Credit/debit card via PayPal (4% surcharge), you need access to an online computer for this service.

Please note: cancellations will incur a £50 fee to cover costs.

What happens to the excavated earth?

We can arrange for its removal, at your cost, we have contracts with companies who offer this service and can offer you discounted prices.